KABLOOEY #1 when someone writes a wall post in reply on your own wall, instead of as a reply on their own wall.

KABLOOEY #2 when you have newly changed bed sheets and a cold, fluffy pillow.

KABLOOEY #3 telling people that their ‘like’ posts are annoying, getting a dry spell of no post liking, becoming paranoid that no one ‘likes’ you now and therefore you have no friends, then coming back from the toilet to find 35 posts of people ‘like’-ing you.

KABLOOEY #4 when everyone’s still awake even though there’s school the next day.

KABLOOEY #5 the word kablooey.

KABLOOEY #6 getting the itinerary and shirts for a trip with your closest friends.

KABLOOEY #7 watching movies on a laptop on your bed under a thick doona in a cold room.KABLOOEY

KABLOOEY #8 packing.

KABLOOEY #9 when you hear a song that reminds you of him.

KABLOOEY #10 that patriotic feeling you get when tons of people sing your national anthem.

KABLOOEY #11 the smell of airport terminals.

KABLOOEY #12 when you wake up on a Monday and it’s raining and you’re tucked in your doona and you remember there’s no school.

KABLOOEY #13 the feeling of accomplishment and pain after you climb4095m with your closest friends.

KABLOOEY #14 my sister Hayley Tan’s sense of humour.

KABLOOEY #15 acoustic covers of heavy metal/rock ballads.

KABLOOEY #16 bom chikka wah wah.

KABLOOEY #17 when you have too many events that are going on at the same time.

KABLOOEY #18 when the person you’re talking to takes their earphones out of their ears instead of turning the volume down.

KABLOOEY #19 the achy feeling after a good workout.

KABLOOEY #20 jam sessions, even when the skill level isn’t quite there.

KABLOOEY #21 slipping into those skinny jeans so effortlessly.

KABLOOEY #22 Irish cream and coffee liqueur chocolates.

KABLOOEY #23 four&twenty pies and family chocolate bars for AUD$1.99

KABLOOEY #24 throwing yourself off a cliff with your best friends with amazing scenery.

KABLOOEY #25 twimmen in trout infested 3deg water and later catching a trout.

KABLOOEY #26 snow, snowboarding, snowballs, really nice instructors,friendly locals, grocery shopping in ski stuff and finding out that half the store is too.

KABLOOEY #27 Queenstown.

KABLOOEY #28 10 people in the Portsea house plus hot tub.

KABLOOEY #29 9 different cars ridden in.

KABLOOEY #30 8 planes taken (2 of which were A380s).

KABLOOEY #31 7 degrees max temp in NZ.

KABLOOEY #32 6 pockets on a pool table (PIG).

KABLOOEY #33 50m (approx) bungee jumping with Shan & Devi.

KABLOOEY #34 4 weeks spent away from Penang.

KABLOOEY #35 3 nights with the Oorjithams.

KABLOOEY #36 2 jumps into freezing cold Taupo.

KABLOOEY #37 1 broken tail bone from snowboarding.

KABLOOEY #38 0 regrets & a billion memories.

KABLOOEY #39 in chem, when your “side heading” is on a fresh, new page.

KABLOOEY #40 solving a math problem that you’ve been stuck on for ages.

KABLOOEY #41 when friends are close enough to lend and not care about paying back.

KABLOOEY #42 that Skype “bloop” sound.

KABLOOEY #43 reminiscing.

KABLOOEY #44 inside jokes from way back when.

KABLOOEY #45 drowning the world out with rock.

KABLOOEY #46 when you and a friend have the same answer, but you get the credit because you yelled it out louder.

KABLOOEY #47 freshly charged iPod and laptop all set out for the next day.

KABLOOEY #48 ginger biscuits and hazelnut chocolate coffee.

KABLOOEY #49 ambiguity.

KABLOOEY #50 inside jokes in public that only we understand.

KABLOOEY #51 when your car gets a dent, but magically fixes itself.

KABLOOEY #52 the little things.

KABLOOEY #53 inappropriate jokes in inappropriate places. ie. ToK

KABLOOEY #54 math.

KABLOOEY #55 dumb-waiters; the machine, not stupid men.

KABLOOEY #56 the sense of achievement when printing many pages of one essay.

KABLOOEY #57 Richard III – “but I know none, and therefore am no beast.”

KABLOOEY #58 the crunch of gravel.

KABLOOEY #59 running in the rain with my dog.

KABLOOEY #60 men in suits.

KABLOOEY #61 when someone’s talking on the phone and you answer their conversation as if they were talking to you.

KABLOOEY #62 finding an error in your working during an exam, and having just enough time to correct it.

KABLOOEY #63 ‘Partying’ before writing up chemistry practicals and leaving the rubber lid on the probe.

KABLOOEY #64 redecorating cars with coloured squares. reduce, reuse, recycle.

KABLOOEY #65 secret codes. ;D.

KABLOOEY #66 (nice) smelly sweater.

KABLOOEY #67 that moment you realise the awkwardness is gone.

KABLOOEY #68 Autosave. For EEs, IAs, and other 15+ page assignments.

KABLOOEY #69 stopping the microwave at 00:01, feeling like a bomb defuser


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