KABLOOEY #63 ‘Partying’ before writing up chemistry practicals and leaving the rubber lid on the probe.

Side heading.
“Moving on.”
“Let’s take this a step further.”
“My pH meter isn’t working.”
“Is this colourless yet? Now? Now? Now?”
Significant figures are screwed up :O
“I like Mars Bars.”
“I’d be filthy rich if I could make diamonds like that. I’d have a yacht”
“Behave yourself.”
“Couldn’t have said it better myself.”
“Sorry? Sorry? That’s the baby.”
“Is that what you said the first time?”
“I was just going to say that.”
“Hey, that’s my answer.”
“Hydrochloric acid.” “Hydrogen, that’s correct. Well done.”

…also going from a 4 in mocks to a 6 in HL chem. that partying must have paid off. ;)


About kablooeys

One with a need to capture life with as many inside jokes as possible, another with a need to share it with the world; without really explaining them. With their powers combined, they plan for world domination, upon which the stronger of the two will overpower the other and claim all copyright rights for this blog.
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