KABLOOEY #44 inside jokes from way back when.

Mr. Pillar & Mr. Fire Hose Reel.
Tanjung tokong.
mini van.
white shit.
3 cm/3 inches.
such a girl.
carbohyrdate? Pasta.
Waiting for whiteout to dry.
Mount Olympus.
“this person’s name is as weird as yours.”
green pens.
Time is of the essence.
Bosom buddies.
do you love it?
kielsjgmd. ‘dictionary’ words.
reading textbooks on the toilet.
Stevenson’s screen.
Little Andy.
Brothers and best friends forever.
Being ‘appalled’ at our behaviour.
BILL BILL BILL BILL…science rules!
Hot tongs+noses.
Big noses+sailboats.
“You’ve got guts. Wanna see what they look like?”
“Key ah?”
Lift out of order.
“Let’s have a laugh… sub”
“You’re damn rude.”
“Nice mask.”
+ many more.

and when they resurface, the people who don’t know, don’t get a good laugh (:


About kablooeys

One with a need to capture life with as many inside jokes as possible, another with a need to share it with the world; without really explaining them. With their powers combined, they plan for world domination, upon which the stronger of the two will overpower the other and claim all copyright rights for this blog.
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