KABLOOEY #14 my sister Hayley Tan’s sense of humour.

Hayley Tan:

The repetition of the letter ‘h’ gives this passage a soft, soothing sound. The sound used to quieten down screaming babies at the movie theater and at fancy restaurants. This tells us that the author was probably writing this at an area that contained none other than a screaming child. We can sense the author’s agony from the capital letters … More used in the first half of the passage. However, the affect of the screaming children have burst the author’s ear drums resulting in the deafness of the author. The author now doesn’t know whether they are screaming or talking normally, hence they start to use normal sized letters.

The fact that the author has used the letter ‘h’ repeatedly, also signifies the fact that they were sitting on a chair while writing this amazing piece of prose. This is from the shape of the letter ‘h’. On close inspection, the reader will find that the letter actually resembles a chair which tells the reader the location of the author at the time of writing this piece of prose.

– Dedicated to Mr. Taylor and Mr. Allen, who have both made English my favorite subject. Many thanks.


About kablooeys

One with a need to capture life with as many inside jokes as possible, another with a need to share it with the world; without really explaining them. With their powers combined, they plan for world domination, upon which the stronger of the two will overpower the other and claim all copyright rights for this blog.
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